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Ohio Riverside Downtown Evansville Indiana Underground Tunnels or Catacombs Photo

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    Creepy, Old, 1895, Evansville Indiana Courthouse, Ohio Riverside, Downtown Evansville, Indiana Underground Tunnels, Catacombs, Photo, Image, Haunting, Phenomena, Jail, Luther Starks, Serial Killer, Ghost, Orbs, Strange
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    Ohio Riverside Downtown Evansville Indiana Underground Tunnels or Catacombs Photo

    Ohio Riverside Downtown Evansville, Indiana Underground Tunnels or Catacombs Photo.

    Along the Ohio Riverside is Downtown Evansville, Indiana. From the Old Evansville Indiana Courthouse built in 1895 are the Old Underground Tunnel & the Old Catacombs. The 60-yard tunnel leads directly to the Old Jail from those days, it was used to transport criminals from the Jail to the Courthouse & vice-versa during their trials. Pictured is the entrance from the catacombs to the tunnel which was pitch dark, had a super cold draft, full of rusty falling down pipes, a rotting floor & enough orbs to scare a fly away - So Creepy! A serial killer named Luther Starks escaped jail thru this tunnel many years ago never to be seen again. Several strange & haunting phenomena occurrences have occurred at the court house, catacombs, tunnels & the jail according to several eye witnesses over the years including many Scientific Investigative Ghost Hunting Team's experiments & tests... compasses spun wildly (in complete circles!), MESA (Multi Energy Sensory Array) was off the charts, people see human forms that disappear, drawers open by themselves, ETC. This is one of the images we got, see the orbs?!

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