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Tudor Gothic mansion known as Thornewood Castle

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Tudor Gothic mansion known as Thornewood Castle

Tudor Gothic mansion known as Thornewood Castle

 Rimbauer Mansion & Rose Red in Seattle, Washington

Surrounded by a huge wall in Seattle, Washington is an enormous Tudor Gothic mansion known as Thornewood Castle, Rimbauer Mansion & Rose Red. This 75+ Bedroom stone & brick manor was built in early-1900s on 40 acres of wooded land & several numerous prominent rooms were added including a Ball, Gym, Pool, Mirror Library, Great Hall, Illusional Staircase. Owner, Ellen Rimbauer, a parapsychologist who was investigating, & 26 other people have literally vanished inside the place w/out a trace again! Over the years it has been reported that rooms seem to ALWAYS be changing in dimension, statues move, people show up inside the house from other dimensions & MUCH MORE VERY strange unexplained phenomenon. Superstitions or haunted? I use to think that all of that was made up for Rose Red tv miniseries scripted by Stephen King, but then I read The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer & then found out soon after reading it, that SK actually based it on her diary/book found in the mansion after she disappeared - CREEPY! Stephen King's scary movie & The Diary of Ellen R. series were filmed at that actual place (Yes, both of those were filmed at this location!) in one section of the house, mainly in the "Great Hall" of that mansion & in other film locations, too. All 3 mini-series were based on her found diaries, but also from the novel, 'The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red' by Ridley Pearson. Scariest place ever, meant for a scary movie! (see photo)!

    • Julie Furnas

      I think this is a great image. This Tudor Gothic mansion is a dream to visit it and a nightmare to spend the night over-there.

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