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Abandoned Urban Cat Legend World Mystery

    John Deere
    abandoned urban cat Legend world mystery, abandoned cat, world mystery, dutch legend, 1421, painting, flood, holland, baby, life savers, dogs, credit
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    Abandoned Urban Cat Legend World Mystery

    This very old painting portrays a Dutch legend story. In 1421, a major flood occurred in Holland where there were victims of the disaster of about 10,000 people. Legend has it that after the flood, people came out to see who had survived the flood. In the water they saw a baby's crib floating like a miniature boat and a cat was jumping frantically from one end of the crib to another. By  doing this, the cat wanted to keep the crib balancing so it would not sink, therefore saving the baby from drowning! The kitty was so successful that the sleeping baby was perfectly dry and safe. I believe that cats are life savers for many people, they deserve a ton of credit just as much as dogs do!

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