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WiFi Connections Security Online

The Best WiFi Connections Security Online.

    • Kane Brown

      You better buy the VPN service for your best price and avoid being scammed and losing all your bank money and privacy online. I know people who weren't careful online and they were visiting sites not trustworthy, then now they are in a limbo fighting to recover their money.

      • Tyga

        When I'm online chatting or checking my friends photos and videos, I don't care about security because it is too complicated.

        • Jennifer Hudson

          I ignore it and just got one of the best antivirus software install in my computer. I think hackers just want to steal information from big corporations and not little people like me.

          • Alan Rickman

            Internet is a dangerous world and people should defend themselves by purchasing real software to install inside their digital devices for integrity and privacy. Watch out about what your are visiting and writing or sharing online.

            • Rachel McAdams

              I always make sure my computer is updated with all the software running smoothly. I have a Linux operating system installed called Ubuntu 23.10

              • Sabrina Carpenter

                I'm very careful and never connect to public networks, there are many hackers stealing identity from smartphones users.

                • Jacqueline Begley

                  But I thought VPN is a service to allow internet users to stay with in the United States ip parameters and not getting blocked by US's websites because the new laws.

                  • Art Evangeline

                    Be smart, get the best antivirus for your phone and the computer, and clear the browser cookies everyday to erase your browning records. Never place your bank password in a public WiFi network. Try never telling everybody your phone number, address and personal details that can lead to a hacker breaking into your accounts online.

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