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Hacker Karma WiFi Attacks Danger On Open Free WiFi Networks

Hacker Karma WiFi Attacks Danger On Open Free WiFi Networks
Use an always-on VPN for the laptop. desktop. TV computers and Mobil devices ( hire the best service in full ): If you’re connecting to a public WiFi network, it’s a good practice to use a VPN or “Virtual Private Network”.
WiFi Connections Security Online
VPN connections create a secure, an encrypted pathway for the users device's data. The best part is, it protects you even if you unwittingly connect to a deceptive network (preventing connections in the future). Being aware of the danger on open free WiFi networks out there with the hacker Karma WiFi attacks.

Keep Your Devices Updated. Every-time They Get New Updates is for A Security Reason.: Keep your device cell phones. tablets. iPhones, Smartphones and computers software updated. This includes both software and firmware updates for devices such as Wi-Fi-connected cameras and smart home gadgets and keep the karma hackers away from your privacy and files. Hiding your online and Mobil phone activities makes you a tech-smart.

    • Billie Holiday

      In the US I'm OK using regular internet, but I always use my phone and computer VPN service when travelling.

      • Patty Jenkins

        Hackers don't spend their valuable time with little people like us.  they go after big corporations because the have a lot to lose and that's why they pay them so those criminals can keep stealing.

        • Paul Simon

          I think you could be right, but they charge money to their victims worldwide after they break into those people's devices and if they don't pay, then they keep their photos and files.

          • Courtney Jones

            I never use my computer to make my bank transactions like paying my bills etc, I just pay by check and make sure to call my bank by checking with everything is done correct.

            • Art Evangeline

              If people are afraid of losing their privacy and their bank accounts, then, do not use your cell phones for bank transactions, go the office personally and deposit or take out money. Concerning privacy is never an issue if you don't type your personal data online.

              • Keyla Jessie

                It is kind of scary to know someone is watching you to steal your money. I turn on the computer for very short times and I have good antivirus and a spy breaker

                • Asiri Ocean

                  I only use my private connection and never go into my bank.

                  • Gladys Knight

                    Those bad guys stole $4000 dollars out of my bank account five years ago. Since then, I never use my computer or the phone for bank transactions ever again.
                    Digital Hackers Codes
                    They still get what they want, even if you have an antivirus first class or even if the firewall is one of the best.

                    • Olivia Armstrong

                      I use my laptop with Ubuntu scripted hardrive system. I avoid getting attacked by hackers because they can't see my files and I don't type my private information at scam websites with dangerous reputation. Ask Online for reviews from other users before placing your credit card numbers, passwords and codes.

                      • Nana Rose

                        I like to have all kinds of online protection for my privacy, so I hired one of those good VPN service.

                        • Joy Taylor

                          The best is prevention and that is keep your information away from the smartphones and computers.

                          • Fran Drescher

                            I hate when people look over my shoulder, can you image how I could feel if I found out that I been hacked?

                            • Jacob Schmid

                              I study to become a white hacker and can't get a job because there are way too .many already taking all the jobs at companies who really believe they need to be safe as far of online activities and servers operating inside their corporations

                              • Art Evangeline

                                There aren't any white hackers, they all learned how to break into your bank account and steal your money, they are bad individuals who love to take the people's savings.

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