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Frugal Living Girl

    Ellen Honda
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    Frugal to me is reusing everything.  living below what I make,  having savings.  I was raised by my Grandparents.  Nothing ever went to waste.  I absolutely love my creature comforts but I believe you can do this and still be Frugal.  We have a hot tub that I saved cans for.  We have a swimming pool, pool I bought from ebay and it's beautiful We did not get in debt for.  My farm absolutely amazing we paid $18,000 for.  It was a horse farm.  Found it by accident paid cash for it. We don't have to be frugal but I love it.  I have horses. I've always had horses but I took the rescues. I was never ashamed to take them to compete against the big guys. I just worked a bit harder with them.  Being frugal isn't about not being as good it's about being comfortable with what you have.  Making the best of everything you have and being happy.... I wouldn't change my life for the world.

      • John Deere

        My goal is to be more like you even though I am pretty thrifty. I don’t believe in buying animals, as there’s too many that need homes including my dog and 2 cats. I couldn’t imagine any of these creatures being any more perfect for me and my lifestyle… It’s amazing what comes to you when you’re patient and trust Life.

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