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My Real Haunted House

     Trixie Mattel
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    When I was a kid I was confident the house I lived in was haunted. We moved in it when I was around 4, but I didn't start noticing strange occurrences until I was around about 9 or 10. It began with things like tapping on windows that didn't have blinds on and you could see no one was there, sounds coming from the attic like someone was up there, I always felt like I was being watched in that house. Sometimes I would sleep under furniture just so whatever it was couldn't see me. 
    Sometimes I would go to sleep on the couch and the BROKEN stereo beside it would come on by itself and I could hear sound coming from the speaker but it sounded thwarted, like full of DJs talking with static and if a song played it was weird sounding. This particular stereo was broken and not only was it not plugged in to any out outlet, but the speakers did not have the speaker wire attached any longer (my Dad had been planning to take it to be fixed but had not yet).
    It really came to its peak when, one night, a ghost with a skeletal corpseish body came into my room. He stood over my bed and asked if I was alone. My brother slept in the same room but in another bed, so I told him yes, I was alone. He grabbed my pillow and pulled the pillow out of the pillow case, And put me in the pillowcase and started dragging me out of my room and down the hallway. At that point my brother made some sort of noise, like a snort or a gasp. The ghost looked down at me and said you lied, And then dropped me and open the door to the guest bedroom in our haunted house, And walked in. 
    I then realized I was in the hallway, in my pillow case, and the guest bedroom door that we always left closed was open... I was frozen in fear and just stood staring at the doorway waiting for the ghost to emerge. I tried to scream but could barely utter a whisper. The next thing I remember was waking up in the hallway in the pillow case the next morning... Thankfully, not long after that, we moved into a new house that my parents built. I know as a fact that I was never dreaming during these occurrences. 

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