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Daily Spiritual Reflections On Change Hope Gratitude

Daily Spiritual Reflections On Change Hope Gratitude

Daily Spiritual Reflections On Hope Change and Gratitude

Light is attractive. Forget about recognition. You are just a vessel, here to serve something far greater than yourself. The more you yield to the Light, the more the Light will become more manifest within you. Be obedient. Remain a humble servant of the Life that sustains you, and the Light that radiates within you. This land, this world, this place, it is not your home. Do not get caught in the net of its ways. Forgetfulness will consume you. Be in it. Not of it. Remember the divinity that you have come to display, illuminate and radiate the light and love that are. Nurture the light. Stay close to the Light. Light is all attractive. All those that are drawn to you, leave them with light. With their own light they will light another, thus you have done your part. This uplifting of awareness will continue until all darkness is consumed, and every soul spark returns to that Great Light from whence it has come. Know your role. Play your part to the best of your ability. Be a light unto yourself. You are a star. Align with yourself and shine right.


    • Gino

      If I understood, you meant "Light" is positive energy with in the human body and it is equal to a "Good Spirit". I hope this post will help many people on earth looking for nothing and with a dark blindness without success, that they unlock a treasure in their lives and they will inspire others to do so.

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