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Olden Days Wisdom Words Tips

Olden Days Wisdom Words Tips

I used to with my Aunt Flo when I was young to an elderly couple's home down the road once in a while and every time I went the lady would be in the kitchen cooking bacon, sweet potatoes and cornbread. Over the years up until they passed the same thing was cooked maybe some beans on the side, or sausage instead of bacon but always the same meals noneheless. I asked one day why they didn't have anything.else to eat but the same things, she said well darling we came through the great depression times and we would butcher a hog in the Autumn season and make our sausage because it would stretch more that way for a longer time and we grew our sweet potatoes and kept them in the cellar to last for a long time so the only thing we had to buy was the cornmeal for bread and that got us by the hard times. But as we grew older and times got better we ate other things, but nothing tasted as good as those ole staples we always had. Give me sausage over a steak any day and sweet taters keeps you young looking so there.

    • Jackson Rathbone

      When you mentioned " cornmeal for bread" something went strait to my head, and it was my grandfather's words... He said that my Grandma said things about that great depression times too. What's weird is that My Grandpa got over those hard-times i America and he got adjusted to eat from Burger King, MacDonald's dishes and Wendy's food, and for him eating the same thing was not a chace. I grew up eating whatever, and to me if I only eat a potato, that will fine just to keep the stomach quiet for a few hours till I can get something sweet and tasty to eat, but forget about consuming same over and over..

      • Karla

        This post brings me to my past when my Grandma was alive, so sad not to hear her teachings.

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