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Green Acres Property Problem Got Solved

    Camel Case
    green acres, property, problem solved, veteran, poison oak, poison ivy, free, cows, horses, trading, blessing

    A few weeks ago, I set my riding lawn mower on fire while mowing the lawn. I am a city camel who tried country living and done it all wrong the entire time living here! Didn't know that the 5 green acres needed a very large mower, so bought the cheapest and smallest one and am now out $4k. Left with the issue of maintaining the lawn. {Keep this in mind, we'll return

    So, I reached out to a veteran who was looking for broken items to repair. I told him he could have the mower for free, as the engine was likely okay, although all plastic was melted on it. When he came to pick it up, we chatted about this and that... And before I knew it, we had a full blown plan to improve our property, lessen the money we've been spending, and create a garden! He was at our home for 3 hours, explaining how we were being taken advantage of (likely because we're "not from around here"):

    1. I've tried to garden and have failed. He's going to till an area for us and teach us how to tend our soil. He runs a farm, so I'm sure I'll learn a lot!
    2. certain bills we've been paying too much on. He gave us cheaper companies to contact.
    3. He is starting a Well Drilling business. Since he's just starting, he offered a steep discount. We can then promote his service for him because we own a marketing agency. That will remove our water bill completely!!!
    4. Back to the lawn situation. He gave us names of products to kill our poison oak and poison Ivy. He also offered to gate our driveway for free (I told him the neighbors cows are always here...) and he's bringing some of his horses over to graze!!!!  AND that's a wonderful addition for composting, boosting our soil quality!!
    5. We showed him our property lines. Those cows I mentioned, wander into our property because the neighbors don't have a fence to keep them in. Well, on that side we don't have a fence to keep them out. He offered to install our fencing on the outer acres we own for FREE in trading more horses can come graze too!!!!! Yes please!!! He was about to pay thousands for his horses to go elsewhere... And we'd have to pay thousands for fencing.

    Now, we are helping one another in amazing ways here! This is how I always imagined things to be here.... Trading, mutual respect, teaching, helping.... Everybody wins. We have not been treated the best since we arrived here 3 years ago. I'm so glad I screwed up and blew up my lawn mower! Blessings are all around us and sometimes they come in the forms we least expect, what a complete blessing !!!!!

      • Christopher Martin

        I seems to me that when neighbors take to neighbors there is a potential winning if they work together in their best ways. It is always good to know your neighborhood. We must live with respect and consideration for others around us at all times and then we get great results.

        • News Update

          I agree, that is a nice story. I mean, if everything will work like that, the world will be much better place to live.

          • Cynthia E Parker

            Real nice story about a veteran who was willing to participate in something positive. The neighbors should support between themselves and watch over their shoulders, I think.

            • Kim Zolciak

              I heard many stories about harmony at small and large towns, but these two men really made it great. An outstanding final and I think if everybody follow this life mechanics and technical solutions, the world will be better.

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