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Study Cooking At College and Schools

I went to college to study the art of cooking delicious dishes that people will enjoy furthermore in the near future.
 I acquired skills and expertise working at restaurants and following steps on how to learn to cook all kinds of dishes from other famous cooks.
My advise is based on to start somewhere learning and practicing what you are learning meantime. Mastering the job at the kitchen comes with time and perfect practice. Next image is: Chocolate Cheese Cake.
Chocolate Cheese Cake

Always listen to your clients, the restaurant guests, they tell you how they want their foods to be cooked, weather it is beef meat, chicken and birds meats, pork shops, salads with vegetables and cheeses, table decorations, baking breads, chocolate cookies, recipes cheesecake and cakes, lunches, breakfasts for weight loss and regular breakfast, the dinners etc.
I learned during my years at the kitchen that if you trust in yourself, you get to arrive further of what you think, the sky is the limit of what you can achieve, all your goals cooking and be your own Food Judge. Next image is: Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge.
Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge

    • Gino

      If I was a  young student like those who aren't sure what to study for their future career and on top of all of that, I love sweets foods, then I will jump into the kitchen to learn how to bake goods and cook as a cooking professional for a good salary to add to my life.
      There isn't any doubt that the suggestion you are offering is one of the best I ever heard so far.
      Thank you for trying to help many people who are looking for clues on what they can start studying and starting their new careers.

      • Madona Yacoub

        I love chocolate bars too, when I start eating chocolate candy, I just can't stop till everything is gone.

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