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Does anyone have suggestions on how to give my dog his pills?

Does anyone have suggestions on how to give my dog his pills? We’ve tried smothering them with peanut butter them wrapping it in cheese, putting them in Hot dogs, hiding them in canned dog food. This medicine is expensive!

How To Give Pills To A Dog Easy
This dog reaches for his pills and there isn't any friction.

Answers (11)

    • Vanessa Leal

      I have to put mine in a baggie, smash it into powder w a rolling pin, mix it in e chicken & rice w a little water… he takes it daily that way.  There isn't any hassle, no stress and he gets it all!

    • I do the same and she swallows the pill like a champ. I have to watch her for a minute or two to make sure she doesn't spit it out but it's rare.
      But, I changing the system for an easier like the PB or cheese. If it’s a bigger pill, I will pack some cream cheese around it so it goes down easier.

    • In my home we give a lot of love to our two dogs and when we must give them a medication like pills, then i'm the one in charge of the job, here is the thing, I believe in taste and flavor and I feel the dog is an animal that loves to eat tasty foods, then i get the pill and wrapped it up with peanut butter or give them a small stake with the pill inside a small hole and they just swallow it. Another way is putting the pill inside a small tune ball "make one with the tuna meat" and the dog won't think it twice. just swallow it fast.

      • Marta Saenz

        I used reverse psychology with my dog. I stood at the kitchen counter, my dog was always there waiting to inhale anything that dropped before I could get it away from her. I would pretend to drop something, but it was actually the pill hidden in a bit of cheese or whatever. My dog would grab it and swallow it whole before I would pretend to try and pick it up. I know this sounds silly, but it was just easier than trying to force it down her throat, and she was totally on to me when I'd try to gently encourage her to eat a delicious morsel with a pill hidden in it.

      • I always hated when I had to do it like that but my dog's docs  (the vet doctor) told me to do it that way and it does work. Lots of treats and "good boy!" would follow...and sometimes dog mom tears... but it works fine.

      • 3 pieces of cooked meat [ham or whatever] wrap tablet in the second piece .give him the first piece ,he will be watching the second piece and should gobble the second one with tablet in then just give him the last 3rd piece.

        • Sarah Sanders

          This system always works for me.
          I cut up a weenie into chunky but bite size pieces. I throw one at her and she catches it and as soon as she sees I have more I keep throwing them back to back. She basically stops chewing them and just swallows bc she's so excited for the next one. I use up one weenie and I stick the pill in one of them. Works every time now.

        • I was with that same problem a while ago and then I tried this:
          I opened my dogs mouth...then stick it way back.

          Then, I close their mouth and rub their neck. Really works on cats, dogs, and

          • Harmony Woods

            People, you might get attacked for this one....but I had a dog that was horrible about pills, was told to drop it in back of throat, hold mouth closed and blow on nose (it forces them to swallow). Then I’d always give a load of treats because I felt bad.

            • Coraline Key

              This is exactly what I do with my smarty pants dog, lol.
              I do this with mine as well, it does work.
              Open his mouth, put it in the back of his mouth, close his mouth, wait until he swallows it.

            • I use liverwurst or cheese. But one of my dogs is a butter lover so I smear that on it works for me.

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