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Jack Frost Zombie

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Jack Frost Zombie

Jack Frost Zombie

Jack Frost Zombie and his Frosty the Zombie Gang have stricken again, even battery powered hair dryers and blow torches did not work this time ! cry EVERYONE needs to play.
The Walking Dead Zombie Battleground Plug and Play Video Game!
It is hardcore epic awesome, comes with a Pump-action gaming controller, and it
doesn't require any console or software...just plug directly into your TV! laughing.

Oh myyyyy!!! BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! laughing

Bloody Mary Kay

Bloody Mary Kay 2512 days ago
Whaaaaaaaaaa the???..... LMAO!

John John Deere

John John Deere 2512 days ago
Beware of the Jack Frost Zombie Apocalypse, it could be headed your way also! wink

Chase Daniel

Chase Daniel 2512 days ago
I just ordered The Walking Dead Battleground Plug 'n' Play game for my cousin  since he is a Walking Dead and gaming fanatic lolol I think it's cool to not need a game console for it!

Games 2512 days ago
Chase, he will love it, I promise that XD


Party 2512 days ago
I like how there are quite a few built-in game modes in it, and that it plugs into any Television set - VERY NICE! I am seriously considering getting it very soon.


Games 2512 days ago
You really should buy it, you will not regret it (and they
are about to run out of inventory, going quick!)

Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University 2511 days ago
I got it, and I love it so much Bae! cool.

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