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The Buckley Family Scary Photo in Ohio U.S

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The Buckley Family Scary Photo in Ohio U.S

The Buckley Family Scary Photo in Ohio, United States.

This is a scary photo of The Buckley family from Ohio taken in the 1940s. The Buckley family in the home during the time this pic was taken consisted of Grandpa Buckley, Grandma Buckley, their only child and daughter, Annie Buckley (Barkley), and Annie's two sons, Raymond and Richard Barkley. Grandpa Buckley was the one who snapped the picture with his camera.  Annie's husband, Charles Barkley, was in the US military and deployed overseas at the time.
NOBODY else was in the home at the time the scary pic was taken. Therefore, there is NO explanation whatsoever centering around the chilling eerie image of a hanging body (seems to be one of a creepy man) that emerged from the ceiling on the left side of this picture!

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