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Studios Rentals in Santa Teresa Puntarenas Costa Rica

Studios Rentals in Santa Teresa Puntarenas Costa Rica
A Recognition to a Great Place to Stay.
 Private security day and night.
Parking lot for cars is available.
Surf Studios Rentals at Santa Teresa Puntarenas Costa Rica
All studios have Internet WiFi, air conditioning, Swimming pool, hot water in the bathrooms. 
If you are travelling and you need a nice place to stay on vacations, a room to work etc, then give this rental studios a call or send voice message by Whatsaap +506 88365064 with Isabel Muñoz C in the Pacifica Surf Studios (Make reservations).
Location is at: Playa Santa Teresa just 30 mts from the Ocean Pacific.
Playa Santa Teresa, Cobano, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

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