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Lack of Compassion and Empathy Example

Lack of Compassion and Empathy Example in Society that I witnessed yesterday on social media, and sadly, by people I know:

Bobby: Anybody who works at Kroger grocery store out there on my timeline? Can you explain why they have let a homeless man live in his truck in the parking lot for over a month now?!

Debbie: Wow, does somebody actually live in that metal pile of junk!?

Bobby: Yup.

Pam: Can you explain to me why you're so worried about it, if he's not bothering anybody?

Bobby: Maybe he should come to your hometown where people tolerate and accept this type of thing.

Gina: Yesterday I was at the bank and when I walked out he was standing right by the door. I walked past him, got in my car, and before I could even get the key in the ignition, he was standing by my window asking for money.

Bobby: Yup, well maybe Pam could give him some money....? Lol

Oscar: He's been there since last summer, he has his very own "mobile home" hahahaha.

Damon: Take him home and feed him a hot meal, well, maybe not home. But could take him to a local restaurant.

Kathy (mockingly): Just put a note under the windshield wiper with your address inviting him over for a hot meal like Damon suggested Lol!!! :D

Kent: Come on People!!! It's the latest thing!!!! Covert Security!!! This Man is doing Kroger and its Patrons a priceless service!!! Lol...

Kristen: He probably lives on THE HILL and just does that to get you to give him FREE MONEY!!!

Me (a few hours later before he deleted his original post: To all of the people who shared, and joined in the post mocking the homeless man living in his pickup truck in the Kroger store parking lot - you know who you are. Shame on you for feeling so superior that you can make fun of another human being's plight in a public forum like Facebook. Your lack of compassion says a lot more about you than it does the homeless man you chose to mock.

William: That’s just sad people can be so mean and hurtful. My heart goes out to the people that are mocked at by ignorance. This world needs to change. Someday karma will come back and bite them back!!

Me: Now we have a whole group of folks who believe it is somehow being political to treat those who are in need as some sort of threat to their existence. Takers good for nothing more than their own sick and twisted entertainment.

Bryan: It's important to stay humble. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Every faith has a version of the Golden Rule.

Gail: Homelessness is not generally a choice...there is something behind it. Mental, financial, drugs...that is just major reasons. How could someone be so heartless to make fun of someone in such unfortunate circumstances? To those people I say, shame on you.

Beth: I didn’t see it either but that shows a lot about my hometown that I am ashamed of. I sure hope these folks realize that just one or a series of bad life events could result in their being in that same position. What happened to "do unto others..." and all that jazz. I'll take a compassionate atheist over a hypocritical homeless-mocking Christian any day.

Cindy: Having been on food stamps and now since I work with folks who are, I have absolutely no tolerance for folks who make fun of the poor. It is SO much more expensive to be poor than it is to be middle to upper income.

Kyla: To those people, I say this. “Not a one of us is exempt from anything.”

Jennifer: Yeah, Anyone of us could end up that way at anytime. Whether it be a sickness, injury, etc.

Tara: I know there was a time when my dad lived in his truck with a camper-shell so he could be near Steve. He was laid off from the mine or got hurt and couldn't work. People do what they must.

Me: That is why it has gotten me hot under the collar. These folks would rather make fun than consider the man's situation. It's just disgusting.

Amy: I don't know how anyone could be so insensitive. My heart goes out to the people that are mocked at by ignorance. This world needs to change. Some day karma will come back and bite them back!!

    • Mariah Nelson

      My opinion about this story.. I give the reason to the person who said " Take him home and feed him a hot meal, well, maybe not home. But could take him to a local restaurant". I believe on the power of food, you can't go wrong with that one, trust me it works correct.

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