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Which Are The Best Tips For Keeping Stored Fabric Items Blankets Seasonal Clothes From Smelling Funky?

Do you know any best tips for keeping stored fabric items (blankets, seasonal clothes) from smelling funky? I store after washing so it's not like I'm putting away dirty items. I've tried a couple dryer sheets in the tote and that has been zero help.

Answers (6)

    • Santos Avila

      Actually, my girlfriend puts extra blankets and comforters under the mattress, I fold them in half and store them this way

    • What about putting a cake of your favorite soap In with the linen.

      • Harmony Woods

        I'm pretty sure it's dogs.
        If the clothes are smelling of dogs then your detergent isn't working.

        • Coraline Key

          Only when they come out of storage. I promise, I don't have stale dog smell on all my clothes.

        • Use vinegar instead of fabric softener. It gets soap residue out. Soap is what collects odor to make stored clothes smell.

          • Deena Johnson

            I thought about doing this, too but dang I hate doing laundry. Blankets and such I can hang on the line for a bit the freshen but... Ugh.

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