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Daytime Dreaming Shows Me The American Future

Clear Crystalline River Water
Back in 2005, my wife and I, relocated to live in Central America from the South West in the United States. Our main goal was to invest our savings / saved money in the Teak Wood logs business, and make a family because we were a couple just married after we were divorced from our exes or spouses. 
The business was happening just as programmed, but then, I started having these  dreams visions were in different ocasionas the future of the Americas, basically North America was going to be transformed into a war field.
Please, do not send me friend's request for later asking questions, as I'm more confused than any of you readers, and thank You from reading these stories.
1- There was a clear crystalline water inside the wide river or some kind of long lake, and I was listening a voice that it was giving me an order and it was "Go to the water and see what those people are doing" I follow directions and walk real quick to check the waters in front of me.  For my surprise I seen several Orientals inside stainless steel capsules shaped like a tarantula with rounded glass covers, and the Orientals individuals suddenly stopped their walking machines and looked at me with some source of intimidation, but I knew there were engineers or some scientific people operating those long legs machines.
Oriental People Inside a Stainless Steel Machine Shaped Like a Tarantula On The Water
Again the voice told me to go swimming across the water and climb a steep rocky rugged hill and to look over it to check what the local people in the other side were doing. So, I did exactly as I was told, and what I saw was several locals Hispanics living in homes with in prehistoric homes conditions and the children did not wear regular clothing and shoes, instead they looked so poor and abandoned.

This was something like the introduction to the next story much later in another page.

    • Cyndi Wang

      All China wants is water? Or they want to spread their political system worldwide, perhaps??.

      • Elvis

        All they want is to take over the Americas, and the question is  Are we letting they do it and a what price?

        • Collin Basham

          your dream during the day, while you were awake means  lot. The Orientals are Chinese of course and for no body is a secret that they are running out of clear drinking water. But even thought, they have a huge amount of money available for their companies to invest on water sources investigations in the Americas and at the end, they might even start selling bottles of water from the same sources that we owned long time ago.

          • Renee Cooper

            Buying water is a waste of money because people can save just by purchasing a water filter have just reuse the water bottles they already bought and fill them up with filtered water for the regular consuming at home or for the trip.

            • Caitlin Clark

              That weird metal vehicle opened the top like a cone cover and you seen a person with eyes like a Chinese? You think they were conducting a water source study in that Central American country? Why they will be doing something like that so secretly and taking the locals natural resources in the near future.

              • Caitlin Clark

                Yea, but they suppose to have their own water over their country and not taking someone else.

                • Brenah Marie Bankston

                  We all have imagination and daytime dreaming for a reason. I have it very clear that dreams aren't true and they could be caused by stress and worries. But, your water dream seems to be the future and it really looks real.

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