Family Isn't Always Blood

Family Isn't Always Blood. Most people do not know the full story of my family. I brought home a homeless person when I was a child. His mother had abandoned him when he was away at school and he never knew who his father was. When the school year ended, he went home and there was not anybody at all living there, no note, no phone number, or forwarding address. So, he was just sitting in the park, in the rain. I found him, brought him home, and introduced him to my mother. She took him in and he is still a part of our family. My mother is an amazing, loving grandmother to his children. That was 32 years ago. The photo is of him and my mom taken last week while at his daughter’s high school graduation.

    • Colter Adams

      Not all family's stories seem to be the same or at least with a happy family end. I know a friend who lost his kids because his ex-wife was evil when she was alive. she appeared depositing poison inside their kid's brain and now they hate their father. Just for the record "She was called THE PET LADY" or Gail Begley Venegas " She lived her last years Carterville, Illinois, I hope she rest in peace.

      • Mandy Henderson Woody

        You are completely right! Many people hide behind the "pet story" to earn sympathy from others on their circle of influence and then they make those "friends and customers" to like them. Normally people who do harm to others and want to deliver a pet lover message, it is-because they are bad and inhuman individuals in this world.

        Your situation about your sick mind ex-wife really touched my soul, I'm so sorry someone like her stolen the air from many good people could use to love their neighbors. You must hurt a lot by never having an opportunity to be together with your kids, God Bless You.

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