Live Walrus Animal Marine Life Web Cam

Live Walrus Animal Marine Life Web Cam
I found out that people become animals land and ocean live web cam watchers and they just love to watch the Walrus for hours because they are cute and interesting. The Walrus is an animal that doesn't have legs, instead they just move on land moving by pushing themselves and sometimes they move over the other Walrus to a better place to rest at the beach. 
The Walrus Are Heavy Ocean Animals
Sometimes these animals are so many that there isn't space for another more and than the biggest guys break through the others like a heavy machine , and he or she moves over till a place they choose to stay and lay down their little head. Watch The Live Cam
Perhaps the most interesting thing is that the big fat Walrus punch the others with their white sharpen horns (like big and long teeth out of their mouth) and the hurt ones look at them like saying Ehhh! stop it.
It is a great time watching to wait what will be next and their sounds like a pig, there at the rocks beach (that's their marine life away from bears and some other predators ).
This live cam is located at Pacific Walrus Beach around the Island, Alaska, USA.

    • Erma Davis

      You are right! This video is a never ending live web cam and it is also very addicting to watch, today I watched for about 5 hours already and I agree with their sounds, like big pigs. I highly recommend it.

      • Amarie Sieg

        They are so fat and slow, it is incredible how thy became so heavy animals just by eating the ocean foods. Those long needles in their mouth are so scary, it might hurt when they pinch their friends. This is a great webcam for animals and nature, thanks for sharing it.

        • Tamatha Falcon

          I was watching these animals this afternoon and I thought there was one hurt or sick there laying on the beach all by itself, so sad.

          • Meshia Johnson

            These guys are very noisy, and they fight sometimes. So cute to watch how they live in that wet environment at the island. Also, they don't have to worry about white bears because of the ocean surrounding the island.

            • Hank Williams

              These are incredible ocean animals, how is possible for them to stay together and being able to eat and feed their babies?.

              • Joy Taylor

                I'm OK if I watch the Walrus once at week just to remind me that they are always together like a big family and with or without food an shelter none can live in this planet of life.

                • Zach Hanbaum

                  The Walrus Animal can be observed from other live streams, it is much easy to to visit the nature site and searching for the name  "Walrus". yes, they are wonderful animals with  very interesting behavior.

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