Loaded Taco Nachos

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Loaded Taco Nachos

Had loaded taco nachos with extra cheese and beef for dinner tonight and it was the best nachos ever! Now we're watching the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 on Netflix!

    • Sowmya M

      Real good taco! I will love to have one of those right now.

      • Mariah Rose

        I don't know but, no offense, who ever cooked this dish is someone who wants to be vegetarian by eating healthy foods and someone who doesn't know how to stay away from oils and fats on their dishes. I recognize the value of the tacos dish and share with you my eating wants but, it doesn't have to be so big and so rich to eat healthy.

        • Grainger Long

          Your taco nachos with extra cheese and beef is an outstanding dish, I just want to eat one of those right now.

          • Catherine Preston

            I always order tacos from Taco Bell, but now I see this one on the picture and I think it is complete and full of flavor. I love the idea of adding some extra cheese and the beef.

            • Joanne C Zachgo

              I will call this dish on the photo a taco nachos with yellow cheese and beef, the best beef nacho I ever seen.

              • Gino

                I wish I had one of those right now, it looks so delicious and I don't care if it is a little fat, to me it is still healthy to eat.

                • News Update

                  I love veggies with cheese, and the flavor of tacos, excellent food to eat in the run.

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