Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee AZ GHOST

First off I swear this is a true story. I'm usually a skeptic when it comes to things like this. Over Christmas break, I went to visit my friend in Arizona. We decided to take a little road trip and stay overnight at the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee Az and this hotel history is well known for being haunted and that made us excited for adventure. She had heard stories about the ghosts that were supposed to hang out there, one is an untimely death of a child named Billy. People had told her if we stayed there to bring candy or toys as he likes things like that and is mischievous. Upon retiring for the night she brought out a packet of candy. I laid the candy out on the floor in a pattern and threw my arms up and shouted "come on Billy let's play", we laughed and went to bed. Morning comes and my friend is the first to get up. She walks over to the candy and let out a gasp. The candy had been pushed to the side and there sat a very shiny but old nickel. Some pieces of candy was missing, so was the nickel payment for that? I've gone over and over it in my head and there's absolutely no explanation for what happened. Later that morning we took a walk around the hotel. We were looking at some pictures on the wall when something caught my eye on the floor, it was our room key. It was an actual key that was tucked in a tight jean pocket. Didn't think too much about that but after that I notice something across the room and it's my friends business card with the the name "Billy" handwritten on the back. She only carried them in a special compartment in her wallet. I will never tease a ghost again!

    • John Deere

      Awesome story! We stayed at a bed-and-breakfast that was over a saloon in Bisbee. It was supposed to be haunted but nothing happened while we were there. We ate our meals at the Copper Queen restaurant and really enjoyed it. I absolutely love the history of the old west!

      • LeAnne Smith

        A very interesting Bisbee and the Copper Queen story, thanks for sharing it! I LOVED Bisbee soooo much that when I lived in Las Vegas I had to go twice. Coolest place ever. 

        • Marilyn Hickman

          Oh wow! This story has me mesmerized because I remember staying here when I was age 8 or 9 when on an Arizona vacation with my little brother, dad, and stepmom. I had never heard about any of it's history, especially of hauntings and ghosts! Thank you for sharing.

          • Bill Mayne

            haunted homes and hotels is something very excitement to talk about. I also think that there are good and bad ghosts running around at all kinds of places in the whole world. Sometimes I see photos of hunted places for hours and also watch some videos.

            • Meshia Johnson

               You will never tease a ghost again. What story, love it.

              • Darcy Carden

                Visiting hunted places like the hotel you mentioned is my biggest dream, what a story about these possible ghosts, I love it.

                • Emily Garcia

                  I won't stay overnight in there, it is scary and dangerous too. I don't like the un-known things.

                  • Amber Blanks

                    The ghost known as "the Bisbee AZ GHOST" living inside the Copper Queen Hotel. That ghost is a famous creature already, because a lot of people are talking about it already. I probable will give a try if a find someone to go with me and spend a night in the hotel.

                    • Steve Perry

                      The only ingredient a hunted place like this hotel you stayed is people to experience the sneaky ghosts on the dark when nobody is expecting their presence. You won't find any explanation to things on the floor or moved different places till you stay awake and watch what is happening near you.

                      • Courtney Kube

                        Mysterious story and full of surprises. I wonder what I will feel if I was sleeping over-there, it is  a weird feeling.

                        • Katie Holmes

                          I went and spend some time but, nothing, no children's ghosts or adults neither.

                          • Katie Holmes

                            That really has happened to me, but because of the hurry I ignored the ghost sneaking things in front of me at the very moment and realized later.

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