Photograph Made With A 35 MM Minolta Camera

Photograph Made With A 35 MM Minolta Camera
A full picture taken with 35 mm Minolta camera.
There are 4 people standing for the photographer

    • Vanessa Essa

      An image can get form sometimes on photographs, but with a little bit more study and analysis it could be possible to determine the truth about this image.

      • Ivana Love Watson

        There isn't any signs of this family on the photo being unhappy because they have the ghost on their left, if it is a true ghost, it seems that it wants to be art of the entire family.

        • Ava Anderson

          Very neat image, I believe it is indeed an old person ghost who hangs around with that family, like their ancestors.

          • Albert Einstein

            All the children inside this photo has their own toys, that's neat.

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