Walrus Animal at An Island in Alaska United States


Heavy mammals Walrus animal with their babies Walrus groups living at an island in Alaska United States.
Watch a Large Group of Noisy Walrus Laying Down in the Beach
I love these fat guys, they earned it because the way they are and their unique lifestyle at the beach and ocean around the island in Alaska.

    • Gino

      I guess there is no reason to be bored anymore, just watch those fat guys doing their thing is kind of fun. Animal lovers love all animal life on the earth.

      • Renee Cooper

        I have being checking the live video and it is all dark, hard to watch. Maybe they are fixing the camera because it broke because the dirt and humidity from rain.

        I went to watch at  Live Walrus It Works

        • Tiffany Stratton

          I love these ocean animals. They are so cute with those big horns.

          • Dillon Peebles

            Oh, by the way, I seen that sometimes the water covers totally the beach and the Walrus stay at another place or inside the water for long period o times.

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